Business and Technology

4 MFG Business and Technology survey, assessment, or consultation.

How can 4 MFG help my business?

Business decisions will achieve better results when you have relevant information and guidance from the 4 MFG Business and Technology Assessment. Our process is designed to be a continuous progression that will be updated to incorporate the most current methods and improvements to keep your company moving forward. We are looking forward to helping your company take advantage of growth opportunities and make lots of money.

Three options to choose:

  So you are in charge and it is decision time.  Which plan will you choose for your business?

  1. Business and technology consultation-NO CHARGE for a 15-minute phone conference to discuss current business environment. Determine if there is a business justification and how to proceed.
  2. Business and technology survey- a 2-hour conference with initial overview of business environment. Topics include administration, finance, and sales. Follow-up meeting with a briefing on findings delivered to review recommendations.
  3. Business and technology assessment- a 6-hour conference with a detailed review of all business relationships and business environment. Topics covered:

  • Administration including management structure, succession plans, internal controls, staffing
  • Finance including budgets, reporting, financial statement review,
  • Marketing including review of current plans, return on marketing investment, customer relationship management systems, and
  • Sales including review of current sales plan, staffing, return on sales investment. 
  • Review of current technology, network, line of business software,
  • Comprehensive report on findings delivered to review and discuss recommendations.

So what now?

After reading this far you realize the value of 4 MFG services.  Consider this your personal invitation to contact Mike, Larry, or Barbara.  We would contact you but we have not been introduced.

Are you a member of a Chamber or Association?

If your organization participates in the 4 MFG Community Connections Program, you are eligible for special pricing.  Contact Barbara or your Executive Director for details.

Schedule an appointment

To begin the process, contact John at 4 MFG via phone at 312-738-0603, or email at to schedule a time.